Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joseph O. Patton: Guess who’s back?

  Granted it’s painfully cliché… but it can also be true: Never say never.

  It was less than a year ago that Josh Carples - managing editor of the Capital City Free Press - and I put down our pens. After seven years, countless headaches and over 15,000 steady readers, we called it a day. But like a stalking ex or a severe case of indigestion, we simply couldn’t shake the desire to write, inform, enlighten and provoke. And that damn online magazine that practically ran our lives since 2001 kept leering at us at from the shadows, teasing and taunting, unwilling to disappear. So the best advice I’ve ever received I am now following: Don’t give up… give in!

  As Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said: “We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction.”

  Yes, we’re back.

  The Capital City Free Press in its blog form is yet another experiment, just like the original online magazine. For now we’re focusing on what we felt we excelled at - our commentary and analysis of politics, current events and public policy - but who knows how this show will evolve. You will no doubt see familiar faces… so stay tuned as the band gets back together. For those of you accustomed to our monthly publishing cycle, please hang in there. In an attempt to give our contributors the greatest possible latitude - and to accommodate our own laziness - we will publish content as it is produced or submitted.

  Also, as we publish new content from some of your favorite veteran CCFP writers, we will also be introducing fresh writers, and from time to time we’ll even revisit some golden oldies - CapCity Classics - some of our most popular content from our original run, 2001 - 2008. Anything is possible… so stay tuned!

  Joseph O. Patton
  Founder and Editor-in-Chief
  Capital City Free Press

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