Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daniel Hawes: Throwing mud at the Tea Party

  Due to the vast majority of minorities in this country voting for more liberal candidates, politicians and clever special interest groups have perverted the notion of conservatism into many people's minds as "the opposition." Race is perhaps the most divisive issue facing our country today, whether or not you believe it is, and it is most often the liberals pushing the ideas on the rest of us when their views otherwise are not well received. A recent example can be the liberal's depiction of the Tea Party movement and the citizens associated with the cause.

  The very premise of the movement is to show the government in a very demonstrative way that we the people are tired of paying for their failed agendas. According to a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 80 percent of Americans are distrustful of the federal government and almost 60 percent fear it is much too large and powerful to create a checks and balance system. As is the case with causes when they become popular very quickly, the opposition is grasping at straws in order to discredit them and ultimately embarrass them. Enter the ever-present "race card."

  The Tea Party movement has instant validity due to its growing numbers, and with politicians constantly thinking about their next election, this makes progressives exceedingly nervous. Political mud slinging ensues, including campaign lies and accusations of extremism of the worst kind.

  During the massive swing towards democratic control beginning in 2006, thousands voted who had never voted before. A liberal revival took place beginning with the Iraq War opposition and the financial meltdown taking place on George W. Bush's watch. This culminated with the excitement and promises of a different kind of politics and a different kind of country when Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

  People are beginning to realize now what a mistake they made and are once again fed up with campaign promises and most of all, the failing policies that have been employed. Things are coming full circle and the liberals know this. They are grasping at straws to retain power and the easiest route seems to be through the heart of the conservative party - the Tea Party movement.

  The liberal media's negative portrayal of the Tea Party is a blatant attempt to discredit them. They have come out swinging with charges of right wing extremism and racism. As previously mentioned, a vast majority of blacks and Hispanics make up the liberal constituency. With Congress' and the president's approval ratings dipping and defeat imminent in many midterm elections, rallying the core with hot button issues becomes an easy ploy. According to the media's portrayal, the Tea Party consists of ultra right wing rednecks who are bitter about the election of a mix raced president. They are employing a basic cause and effect argument that preys on ignorance and subtle mind games:

1) Blacks are proud of Obama as the first "black" President
2) The Tea Party, made up of middle-class whites is critical of Obama
3) The Tea Party constituents are racist

  The disappointment about this portrayal lies in the fact that the liberal media is succeeding. Casual news-watchers and uninformed Americans are beginning to believe these false accusations. People who would otherwise support the ideas and beliefs of the Tea Party are being misinformed about the very foundation of the cause was built upon.

  Their smoke and mirrors game is preventing people from voicing their true opinions for fear of alienation from friends and family. My hope is that eventually people will see through this tasteless ploy and realize that the Tea Party actually has all of our best interests in mind - reducing the size of government, fiscal responsibility, and retaining our free markets.

  About the author: Daniel Hawes is the founder and chief editor of The Genesis Report: http://www.TheGenesisReport.com.

  Article source: http://EzineArticles.com/

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  1. I just chuckle every time a conservative author uses the phrase "liberal media" in their writing. More folks watch Fox News than any other media source.