Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Stand: District 2, House of Representatives - Your vote will mean nothing

  We have long believed that media outlets issuing endorsements in political races should refrain from back-handed, half-hearted endorsements. It leads readers to wonder, “What was the point of that?”

  Voters in Alabama’s U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District have no actual decision to make in this race though. Based on Bobby Bright’s voting record while in office and Martha Roby’s rhetoric, both would vote the same way on major issues, regardless of their professed party affiliation. Roby has admitted as much by virtue of directing her campaign attacks at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rather than her actual opponent.

  Among other actions, Bright has voted against healthcare reform; against the Ledbetter bill (to help prevent gender-based discrimination in wages); voted repeatedly against extensions of unemployment benefits for struggling Americans; and voted against the expansion of hate crimes statutes to include some of this country’s most frequent targets of hate, prejudice and assault. Bright has also voted against the CHIP program which serves lower income children whose families cannot afford healthcare, and against repealing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy for service members, which is purely institutionalized discrimination against gays and lesbians. Bright even voted against the latest financial overhaul measures that will provide countless protections for consumers against shady banking and lending practices.

  In Bright’s latest television ad, he even boasts of being “conservative” and “independent,” which is a poorly veiled way of saying that he’s a D.I.N.O - Democrat in Name Only.

  The only factor for 2nd District’s voters to consider is which of these candidates will be in the majority when the electoral dust settles. After all, a member of Congress in the minority party has less influence and budgeting prowess than a member in the majority party. This means less federal funding (“pork”) a minority member can funnel back to his or her district.

  If you believe the Democrats will retain a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, then re-elect Bright. If you believe Republicans will take control, vote for Roby. We recommend neither. This match-up is nothing more than an extended Republican primary.

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