Friday, September 24, 2010

Tom Powell, Jr.: What the Republicans fear is the loss of fear

  Fear is a tool that is used far too often in politics. Both major parties use fear from time to time, but it seems that Republicans use fear way too often as a tool to manipulate us, and more importantly, they lie about what to fear.

  They want you to fear the foreign government that is going to come here and kill us. Now this is something that we should always be mindful of as a nation, but we shouldn't be making widespread lies to strike fear into the hearts of Americans so that we can invade and occupy a nation for a decade that hasn't done anything to us. They go on TV and tell you that this guy has biological weapons and this guy has nukes and if you don't elect us, these evil entities will come to your home town and erase it from the map. They used this fear tool so effectively in 2004 that we as a nation re-elected the dumbest president we have ever had to a second term. That is how fearful they had us.

  They want you to fear the Muslims even though they say Islam is not a religion of hate. They talk about Islamic extremists every chance they get. Do they ever call any other extremist group or terrorist organization by their religion the way they do with Muslims? No. They want to keep making sure that you hear "Muslim" or "Islamic" every time something bad happens to justify their actions in the middle east. They never once referred to Tim McVeigh as a "Christian terrorist" even though he said after the bombings that he was doing "God’s work". They never once referred to Dr. Tillers murderer as a "Christian extremist" even though the only reason he murdered Dr Tiller was because of a difference in religious beliefs. The other reason they want you afraid of Islam and Muslims directly leads to the next thing they want you to fear… President Obama.

  They constantly try to tie Obama with Islam because if they already have you afraid of Muslims, and they get you to believe Obama is a Muslim, then you will naturally fear him. What amazes me about the fear tools they use when it comes to the president is that they equate him to a Muslim because they know they have you all ginned up on Islam, but then they say he's a Communist or a Marxist. How many Muslim KGB agents do you ever recall hearing about? When it comes to Obama they want you to fear any number of things that aren't true. Fear that he's a Muslim. Not true. Fear that he's a Communist. Not true. Fear that he will take your guns away. Not true. Fear that he will tax you into the poor house. Not true. Fear that he will crush small businesses with his policies. Not true. But in the Republican world, it doesn't matter if its true or not. All that matters is if they can get you to fear it, because if they can get you afraid of it, you will vote against it. And if you vote against it, they will have the power.

  They want you to fear the economy. How many times does Glenn Beck push gold right after telling you that the Democratic government is destroying the dollar and your bank accounts will be worth nothing in the very near future? They tell you the economy is going to completely collapse and that you need gold as a purchasing tool, and an emergency seed stash to plant a garden for when the supermarket shelves will be bare. The fear is based on the one thing everyone wants and needs - money. The ironic part is that while Glenn Beck is telling you the economy is collapsing, he is getting richer... off of fear.

  They want you to fear that which isn't like them... homosexuals, women who have thoughts of their own and anyone who doesn't long for the good old days of the 1950s. They want you to fear that if a homosexual couple gets married, then your marriage won't mean anything. They want you to fear that if homosexuals adopt kids, then those kids will be homosexual too. They want you to fear a woman's right to choose, and to be honest with you, I can't figure out why. They want you to fear anyone who doesn't think like you because apparently the last 400 years hasn't shown them that different groups of people that do not have anything in common other than a desire to be free can come together to live in peace and prosperity.

  They want to use fear to keep you from voting against them. They want you to believe that they have all of the answers and the Democrats do not, so you should fear the Democrats. Democrats use fear as well. The difference between what Democrats tell you to fear and what Republicans tell you to fear is that the fear the Democrats speak of is real. Democrats want you to fear putting a party back in power that took a record surplus and turned it into a record deficit, led us into the worst recession in 80 years and was the cause of millions of jobs being lost in this country. That is real fear when it comes to the economy. Democrats want you to fear putting a party back in control that wages war for its friends to be able to profit, costing thousands of American lives and billions of American dollars. That's a real fear when it comes to foreign policy. Democrats want you to fear putting a party back in power that oppresses homosexuals, women and minorities. That's real fear on the domestic front, not that the president is a Muslim Communist born in Kenya with radical Christian views on social justice. Which, by the way, doesn't make sense at all. How can you demonize Obama for his radical Christian church that he attended for 20 years as you are so apt to point out every change you get, yet still demonize him for being a Muslim? How many Muslims do you know who have attended a Christian church for 20 years?

  Don't buy the fear the Republicans are peddling. They want you to be afraid so you will vote them back into power. The real fear that Americans should be feeling is about returning to the destructive policies and actions of the last 8 years... or even worse... if the next wave of Republicans are even more right wing than the last bunch. Those would be known as the Teabaggers... and that is what I really fear.

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