Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Advice Columnist Dr. Bumdinkle Returns to Capital City Free Press

Capital City Free Press

Contact: Joseph O. Patton, Editor and Publisher

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Advice Columnist Dr. Bumdinkle Returns to Capital City Free Press

MONTGOMERY - A long-running contributor to the Capital City Free Press, Dr. Thaddeus P. Bumdinkle, is making a return to the publication, bringing back his popular “Ask Dr. Bumdinkle” advice column that ran monthly for more than five years.

Bumdinkle fielded letters from readers requesting advice on matters ranging from relationship problems to workplace dilemmas. Known for his vicious wit and humorous take on everyday situations, Bumdinkle will resume his column beginning May 30.

Regarding his hiatus and subsequent return to the Capital City Free Press, founder, editor and publisher Joseph O. Patton explains, "Basically he's on parole and needs something productive to do with his time." He adds, "I mean, one time he bit Josh [Carples, CCFP managing editor], but that was funny too."

Imminently qualified to dispense advice to the general public, Dr. Bumdinkle holds a degree in Brain-Pickin' from Rooster Poot Community College (Southwest Possum Trot Annex); a theological something or other from Six Flags Over Jesus University in Tuberculosis Springs, Montana; and a crumpled certificate from a defunct cruise line that states he's one hell of a limbo competitor.

Dr. Bumdinkle's hobbies and interests include heckling female impersonators (drag queens), extensively studying various forms of whiskey and naked Crisco alligator wrestling. If you need advice on an issue, or just have a comment or suggestion, send an email to: drbumdinkle[at]

Note: "Ask Dr. Bumdinkle" is not intended for a mature audience, just older folks who are not easily offended.

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