Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CD Review: Shanna Sharp: Long Distance Calls from A One Night Stand

  Give a girl a guitar, let her galavant across Europe, and... well, you end up with one hell of an album.

  Distinctively unique and driven by a truly warm, emotional voice and superb songwriting, Shanna Sharp's "Long Distance Calls from a One Night Stand" - inspired by a tour of Europe -expands upon what has always been a winning formula for the artist.

  Granted it was over a decade ago... and she was alone, perched on a bar stool in a smokey drag club. Just a girl and a guitar. But she played and sang... and played and sang, casting her spell on the crowd with a rich voice and a strain of creativity uncommon to those her age. Something was different, however. An unbridled ability to connect with her audience. A voice you couldn't forget. A storytelling prowess worthy of a much older hall-of-famer.

  And with "Long Distance Calls from a One Stand" she has thankfully remained Shanna, not inclined to portray someone she isn't or write souless music just to sell CDs. It doesn't matter how many bandmates she brings into the fold or how her artistic vision expands, she's still one bad ass girl with a guitar and a gospel choir sized voice.

  From the driving, infectious "Pavement" to the insatiably clever "Stupid," Sharp shines, exhibiting the trademark soulful voice and defiantly independent artistic vision which have been the hallmark of her work. "Stupid" in particular invokes laughs and nods of agreement. The lyrics are worthy of framing and posting on your bedroom wall.

  The song your synapses won't be able to shake is the anthem-worthy "Amsterdam." Sweeping and emotional, you simply have to give it a spin.

  Sporting 16 tracks, "Long Distance Calls From A One Night Stand" boasts a diversity of music, from the haunting "Forget" to the orchestra-infused, dramatic "Impeccable Timing," and the hypnotic, angst-fueled "Lies" to the romping ska-laced "Fool."

  And though she can kick a one-woman show any time, anywhere and captivate an audience, Sharp exericses an exceptionally healthy chemistry with music mates, piano pimp Brian Nash (who can work his voodoo on anything that has keys and own it) and drummer Michael Herklots. Also joining the woman with the voice are Dean Cassell on bass, Milt Reder on electric guiatars and percussionist Nate Dube.

  Buy the CD. Now, dammit.

  You can visit Shanna Sharp online and view the feature, "In Bed With Shanna Sharp" @ http://www.inbedwithshannasharp.blogspot.com. Her official website: http://www.shannasharp.com.

  About the author: Joseph O. Patton is the editor-in-chief and founder of the Capital City Free Press.

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