Monday, March 12, 2012

CD Review: Swank Sinatra: "El Terrible"

(Nophi/Blood Drunk)

  "Sold my soul to the devil for a pack of cigarettes. Should have asked for a lighter 'cause now I've got some regrets."

  From the ominous strains of The Prologue, you know you're in for a helluva musical jolt. "El Terrible" is the third release from Swank Sinatra, the Atlanta-based trio of Bob Place (guitarist, main vocalist), Brandon T. Pittman (bass, vocals) and Randy Garcia (drums, vocals). "El Terrible" follows "Joseph Merrick Was A Handsome Man" (2007) and "Don't Believe The Hype" (2010).

  Boasting 12 tracks of artistic mayhem and unparalleled energy, "El Terrible," the album's soul is vested in an old school heaviness and unbridled punch which has regrettably become infrequent with so many acts. The shades of punk certainly heightens the fun.

  The gritty flavor of "Teenage Diplomat" provides a fun romp.

  "Cottonmouth" has an addicitive, swinging swagger to it.

  The driving, relentless vibe of "Who Do You Trust?" may require some blood pressure meds. Speed, y'all. They've got it.

  And you can't escape their earthy, punchy sense of humor. "Mountain Man." Who knows... but it made me smile. They do wit... and they do it loudly.

  These guys are just unspeakably well known for their red-blooded, aggressive live shows. (And I hope they find out whatever happened to Elian Gonzalez.) The musicianship is stellar, the energy is damn frightening and the punkish poetry they spew is very satisfying. The attitude alone will command your attention - savor the final track, "Pumpkinhead."

  And you can catch them in person soon enough. Swank Sinatra is booked to play Head On The Door May 4. For complete gig dates, photos of the band, videos and general info, and to sample tracks from "El Terrible" visit:

Official website:





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