Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Stand: Montgomery deserves stability and progress

  In an election season that has been marked by an unsavory level of negativity and questionable claims, one thing has remained constant - incumbent Mayor Todd Strange is clearly the most logical choice to provide stability and continue a streak of progress in Montgomery, Alabama.

  From a rapidly expanding, thriving downtown that is making the most of its historical value while embracing new opportunities, to cracking down on residential and commercial decay and neglect, Mayor Strange has led a movement to balance growth with revitalization. The renovation and expansion of Cramton Bowl even earned the City of Montgomery a college football bowl game.

  From job creation through sustained industrial recruitment and public safety advances such as creating the position of Public Safety Director and facilitating more effective policing through sector policing, Mayor Strange has fostered and maintained an environment favorable to job growth and to tackling crime in our neighborhoods.

  Challenger Artur Davis' abrupt return to Alabama following a sour grapes performance after losing his bid for the state Democratic Party's nomination for governor, and attempting to reinvent himself as a Republican in Virginia, all reeks of rank opportunism. Davis' emphasis on his Montgomery roots in this campaign rings hollow considering he abandoned Alabama altogether in a failed flight out of the state to reignite his political career.

  And Davis' charges against the incumbent have further soured our view of his candidacy as many of his claims have fallen flat under scrutiny or have been painfully embellished. One of his TV spots laughably featured an individual bemoaning a lack of grocery stores in a particular area of town as though Montgomery's chief executive should be moonlighting as a grocer. Davis simply seems out of sync when it comes to offering practical, viable solutions, made worse by his insistence on spreading negativity as a campaign tactic.

  We would also like to note that Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Harris has left a positive mark on this campaign. His command of the issues facing the city, coupled with practical ideas to address these issues have made Harris a very respectable candidate, though ultimately Strange is the most solid choice among the field of candidates.

  To provide the stability and proven progress we need and to keep Montgomery on track by addressing the city's issues and moving forward, we strongly recommend Mayor Todd Strange for another term. We urge Montgomery voters to reelect Strange in tomorrow's municipal election.

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