Sunday, November 25, 2018

Are we being invaded yet?

  If President Trump’s and the Pentagon’s military defense against the impending refugee invasion of America shows how they defend our country from an invasion, maybe it’s a good thing that the commies didn’t invade the United States by coming up through Latin America during the Cold War. Otherwise, there is a good chance that we all would be speaking Red today.

  Why do I say that? Well, it turns out that most of the troops who were sent to the border either forgot their weapons or were ordered to leave them back at home. What gives with that? How can soldiers be expected to defend our country from an invasion if they can’t even shoot the enemy?

  We mustn’t forget that the president and the national-security establishment were as scared of a commie invasion through Mexico during the Cold War as they are today of the Central American refugee invasion.

  That’s what the 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala was all about. The Guatemalan people had democratically elected a socialist as their president. He even allowed self-described communists to serve in his administration. Even worse, he established friendly relations with communist Cuba and the Soviet Union, where, U.S. officials said, the worldwide communist conspiracy to take over the world was based.

  When Arbenz was caught importing weapons from Czechoslovakia, a Soviet-bloc country, his fate was sealed. What other reason would he need to have communist weapons than to invade and conquer the United States by having the Guatemalan army come up through Mexico, cross the border, conquer Texas, and head toward Washington to take over the federal government, including the IRS?

  That’s why Arbenz needed to be taken out in a CIA coup. U.S. officials said he and his army posed a grave threat to U.S. “national security.” Never mind that those commie weapons turned out to be junk.

  But as scary as the Reds were, I think every Trumpster and Trumpista would agree that they pale to insignificance compared to those Central American refugees, especially those extremely scary-looking unarmed women and toddlers.

  Uh, oh. I just read an article that says that the Pentagon is starting to withdraw Trump’s Troops from the border? What? Is the Pentagon crazy? Has it decided to surrender our nation to the invaders? Doesn’t the Pentagon know that the caravan just arrived in Tijuana? Why withdraw now when the invasion is about to occur?

  Sure, I realize that most of Trump’s Troops were sent to Texas and that the invaders are on the other side of the country on the California border. But hey, no one is perfect and anyone can make a mistake, including the CIA and military intelligence. But why not just redeploy those troops in Texas to California? Isn’t that what military commanders often have to do in wartime? Why show weakness in the face of the enemy right when the invasion is about to begin?

  Since they arrived on the border, Trump’s Troops have laid 22 miles of concertina wire. That’s obviously enabling Trumpsters and Trumpistas to sleep better at night. Why, you can easily detect that the level of invasion fear within them has fallen dramatically since all that concertina wire was laid.

  Okay, it’s true that the troops have laid only 22 miles of concertina wire and that the U.S.-Mexico border is about 1900 miles long. But hey, maybe the Trumpsters and Trumpistas don’t know that. Don’t tell them. Just let them sleep in peace!

  Another reason that it’s a good thing the Reds never invaded America during the Cold War is that I’m not sure we could count on conservatives during the fight. Think about it: They say that the illegals have already invaded America. Yet, as far as I know, not one conservative has captured or killed any of the enemy despite the fact that more than 10 million illegals have already invaded and occupied our land. If conservatives refuse to fight and protect our land from an immigrant invasion, how could we count on them to protect our land from a Red invasion?

  Of course, maybe the reason conservatives haven’t captured or killed any of the invaders is that deep down they know they would be charged by state officials with kidnapping, assault, or murder rather than being hailed as heroes defending our country from an invasion.

  Of course, there might be another reason why Trumpsters and Trumpistas don’t seem quite as scared and agitated over the impending refugee invasion. After the midterm elections were over, President Trump, for some reason, stopped filling his supporters’ minds with incessant and loud propaganda about the coming refugee invasion. Trump’s post-election silence has obviously served to quiet and calm the minds of his supporters. I predict, however, that the cycle of immigration-invasion propaganda, agitation, and fear will start again around September 2020.

  About the author: Jacob G. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation.

  This article was published by The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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