Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Del Marsh wants you to get coronavirus. State senators should remove him from leadership!

  I couldn’t believe it when I saw Sen. Del Marsh (R-Anniston) – the leader of the Alabama Senate – say he wants to see more people get the coronavirus!

  During an interview with CBS42 News, Senator Marsh was asked if he was concerned about the growing number of confirmed cases of people infected with COVID-19 in Alabama. His response was, and these are his exact words: “I’m not as concerned so much as the number of cases, in fact, quite honestly, I want to see more people because we start reaching an immunity as more people have it and get through it.”

  The next day, Senator Marsh made a weak attempt to walk back his comments by saying he “chose his words poorly.” But he didn’t apologize, and he stood by his claim that he wants to see us get to herd immunity.

  First, we don’t know if herd immunity is even possible with COVID-19. Doctors, medical researchers, and public health experts have all contested the idea of herd immunity and say that even if it is possible, it will be a long way off. Medical professionals at Johns Hopkins University say it’s not possible for it to happen in 2020.

  To reach herd immunity, somewhere between 60% and 90% of the population would have to be infected with the disease. Right now in Alabama, we are only around 1%.

  For us to reach a 60% infection rate and potentially get to herd immunity, a minimum of 2,941,911 people in Alabama would have to contract COVID-19. Assuming the death rate stays the same as it is now (roughly 2%), it would mean that 58, 838 people would have to die for us to get to herd immunity, and that’s assuming it’s even possible.

  But even if herd immunity is possible, our elected leaders should never wish for people to get sick with any disease, let alone one that is killing people!

  And for Senator Marsh to attempt to justify his cruel and ignorant comments as merely choosing his words poorly is almost as offensive and disrespectful as the comments themselves.

  Any decent human being with a conscience or sense of moral values would apologize and offer their resignation immediately. But Del Marsh’s pride won’t allow him to admit he is wrong or apologize for anything, even for wishing illness and death on the people of Alabama.

  Senator Marsh’s words show what is in his heart and in his head. And what is in his heart and in his head is clearly not in line with the thinking of medical professionals or the values and best interests of the people of Alabama.

  For ten years, Senator Marsh has run the Alabama Senate as the Senate pro tempore. And because he holds that position, he also sits on the governor’s COVID-19 task force. Clearly he has no business being in either position, and I encourage Governor Ivey to remove him from the COVID-19 task force immediately.

  It is also time for the members of the Alabama Senate to demand Senator Marsh’s resignation. If he refuses, then senators must call for a vote of no confidence and remove him by force.

  Senators cannot stay silent on this. Staying silent is the same as condoning what he said.

  As a resident of Etowah County, I specifically call on our state senator, Andrew Jones (R-Centre), to step up and demand Del Marsh’s resignation. He is the only voice we have in the Alabama Senate, and it is his responsibility now to use that voice. I would also encourage him to sponsor a resolution in the senate censoring Senator Marsh for his thoughtless and heartless comments.

  I never thought I would live to see the day when an elected official would openly express his or her desire to see the people of our state and our country get sick with a virus, especially one that could kill them! It's even worse since Senator Marsh won’t admit he is wrong or apologize for what he said.

  Del Marsh’s words are a disgrace and a potential death wish for every single person in Alabama, not to mention a slap in the face of those who already have died from COVID-19 and their families.

  Del Marsh has left the governor and the members of the Alabama Senate with no choice but to remove him from his positions on the COVID-19 task force and as leader of the Alabama Senate.

  About the author: Craig Ford is the owner of Ford Insurance Agency and the Gadsden Messenger. He represented Gadsden and Etowah County in the Alabama House of Representatives for 18 years.

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