Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Stand: Roby unfit to represent 2nd District… or anyone else

  Alabama U.S. Representative Martha Roby (District 2) has made a political life of contradictions and unabashed hypocrisy. She routinely bemoans government spending yet gloats without shame whenever she secures more government spending for her district. Roby incessantly condemns so-called “redistribution of wealth” and yet is an unapologetic cheerleader for farm subsidies (agricultural welfare). She is quick to bash “government interference” in our daily lives, but she’s more than happy to support measures that facilitate interference (assaulting women’s reproductive rights for example) when it suits her personal agenda.

  But a recent appearance at a Wetumpka Tea Party function proves without question that she should not be representing anyone through elected office.

  In a video released by Mother Jones, a participant launches into a right-wing, treason-baiting rant in which he calls President Obama a “foreign-born, America-hating Communist despot.” The crowd erupts into laughter and applause, which is predictable given the audience, but Roby’s response is nothing short of appalling and quite embarrassing.

  Instead of expressing outrage or at least diplomatic disapproval – a notable example would be Arizona Senator John McCain’s response at a campaign town hall meeting during the 2008 presidential election when similar sentiment was uttered – Roby instead nodded approvingly, continued smiling and simply said, smirking: “Thank you for your question. Um… He said it loud enough that you all heard it.” Roby then simply expressed her opinion on presidential executive orders. 

  No member of Congress – regardless of party – should condone or encourage such race-baiting, divisive, treason-fanning rhetoric and obviously shouldn’t express such filth themselves. Our elected leaders and fellow citizens should freely express themselves. We should cherish our differing viewpoints, explore our differences, and actively debate pressing issues along with more general concepts such as the role of government.

  But our politics should never be fueled by wallowing in the muck of the lowest common denominator, and such wallowing should absolutely not be embraced and perpetuated by an elected member of Congress.

  Congresswoman Roby should at least apologize for condoning and encouraging such misguided hatred and falsehood-mongering. But coupled with her record which consists mostly of shameless Obama-bashing rhetoric and having it both ways on countless issues, she should resign. Roby is not serving the people of District 2 and instead is only serving herself while fueling the worst possible race-based, bigoted fears and ignorance in our political atmosphere. It’s cancerous, it’s toxic and it has no viable, productive place in our government. Roby should exit on the pandering, hate-driven horse she rode in on.

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  1. Whatever comes out of Roby's mouth are not her own words but what one of her aids wrote for her. She is not capable of thinking up these statements on her own. Roby is in Congress to serve herself, her family, and their wealthy friends' interests. She would gladly cut back on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security any day while increasing the big farmers' subsidies. Roby is a complete air head.

  2. Well stated, very well stated.

  3. Martha Roby isn't the only one...